Let’s Talk: Watch Your Mouth

This message was inspired by something I’ve been going through for almost 2 years and a dream i had the other night…
The enemy doesn’t know anything but our past and our present…..our future is a mystery…. And all the info he has is what we speak… Our present and past… And that we belong to the father and what the word says about us. because the enemy knows the word (which a lot of us don’t study) he knows that God works everything for our good….So his job is to distract us with our past and present andhave us anxious about the future…(cloudy)…Doubtful… Angry…. Reckless or Busy… So that we don’t focus on His promises and the words God says are true in his word….God is not an author of confusion. The thing is God is so solid he knows the beginning and end… that is why we can confidently rest in him and his promises…It’s important to speak life and those things that God has promised in his word and to you… Speak life no matter what your situation may look like… Remember that praise and gratefulness confuses the enemy. The enemy knows what we speak out of our mouths and our patterns… think about it when you have an opponent or an adversary more than likely they have studied your every move and even paid attention to your weaknesses. The best thing is to get into your word pray so that God can reveal you to you and show you how to move. Energy is real and when you pollute your atmosphere with negativity by actions or your words…your world will flow how you set it…. meaning words have power… energy has power. If we want to change our circumstances speak to them… Those things that our pure, lovely, admirable, noble true (Philippians 4:8). No matter how your current situation looks there is always an ending or a beginning…. speak life…satan only knows what you give him access too…draw near to God… stay under his pavilion and protection..trust the God in you for the direction(s) to take…remember you only trust God as much as you know him…don’t allow your current situation to determine your future destination…confuse the enemy with your praise, prayer, worship and positive affirmations.

I love you


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